FORTNITE MOBILE for Android/IOS: Why it keeps crashing and how to fix it

 If Fortnite Mobile for Android or iOS crashes, or does not open, respond, or work properly, try the troubleshooting steps below. After trying each one, check to see if it has corrected your problem.

Epic Games's Fortnite for Android / iOS
Solution 1: Restart your device:

 The first thing you should do is restart your device.
That way, you will free up the memory that might have been clogged.
Your device will perform smoother. If Fortnite mobile keep crashing or freezing after the reboot, check other solutions.

Solution 2: Update Fortnite Mobile for Android / iOS:

 Updating Fortnite Android or IOS can make improvements that could
solve your problem because ddevelopers are giving their best to deliver
a great experience to the users, which is why they are constantly 
working on improvements.

Solution 3: Force Fortnite Mobile for Android or IOS to stop:

In general, you do not need to close applications. Android automatically manages the memory used by applications.
Completely closing Fortnite, including the background services that it can use may, in some situations, fix Fortnite Android not working, the same goes for Fortnite iOS users.

Steps under Android os:
-      Open the App Settings on your device.
-      Tap Apps & notifications.
-      Touch the app.
-      Press force stop.

 Solution 4: Free up some space and memory:

You may run into an issue if you do not have enough free space on your smartphone or tablet. Do you have some apps you no longer use? If you do, uninstall them.

The size of the RAM (random access memory) could be causing your device to stop working and crash. When new features are added to Fortnite, this expands the size of the game and makes it harder for it to run: so, free up RAM for Fortnite mobile.

Close any other apps that are running in the background of Fortnite.
Another simple way to reclaim space to keep your device clean is with a CCleaner app.

Solution 5: Check Permissions:

Sometimes when you don’t allow Fortnite Android some crucial permissions, it will automatically crash or won’t work as it should.

 I recommend you to allow the app to use your Storage so the game can save your progress.

Steps on Android:
Go to Settings then Apps and Choose Fortnite then tap Storage àPermissions and Change the permissions.

fornite mobile not opening issue
Solution 6: Clear cache and data:

Over some period of time, the cache will pile up, and you may notice the app is running slow or freezing or crashing frequently. Once you delete the cache and the data, Fortnite Android will work normally.
ATTENTION: all data saved in this app will be erased.
Steps under Android os:
-      Open the App Settings on your device.
-      Tap Apps & notifications.
-      Touch Fortnite.
Tap storage and then clear cache and clear data.

Solution 7: Reinstall Fortnite Mobile for Android / iOS:

If Fortnite Android or IOS keeps crashing, then you can re-install it.
Sometimes, a reinstallation of the game can fix the problem!
ATTENTION: all data saved in this app will be erased.
After uninstall, reboot your device then install it again.

Fortnite mobile keeps crashing after download and install

I hope this post helped you fix the Fortnite mobile crashing problem on Android/iOS.
If none of above suggestions resolves your issues then be sure to check out
Epic Game's official Fortnite FAQ, here



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