FORTNITE Mobile & PUBG Mobile (Android & iOS) : How to fix Network connection problems

Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile (Android & IOS) network and Internet problems are reportedly cutting the joy of playing for thousands of fans of these two big games.

Some of the reported message errors are: Fortnite mobile not working, Pubg mobile notworking, servers offline, server down, fortnite login failed, unable to connect, unable to sign in to your account, keep putting me in a queue when i try a login, unable to play, waiting in queue, Fortnite Battle Royale network error, pubg down, fortnite down.

In this post, we list 8 tricks that may help you fix network and Internet errors on Tencent Games PUBG MOBILE and Epic Games FORTNITE ANDROID & iOS.

pubg mobile fix

fortnite mobile android ios fix

How to fix network connection problems on PUBG MOBILE and FORTNITE MOBILE under Android & iOS:

If you are behind a proxy, make sure you have set correct server IP address and port.

    TRICK #2:
Change your DNS Server (OpenDNS or GoogleDNS):
          Google DNS:

  TRICK #3:
Disable temporarily your device’s firewall, antivirus and security software and check if it is fixed.

  TRICK #4:
Switch between your Wi-Fi connection and your mobile data.

  TRICK #5:
Clear cache and data of the game and force stop it then relaunch it.

  TRICK #6:
  Do a factory reset of your device. Caution! it will erase all data on the internal memory of your device.

  TRICK #7:
Enable Airplane Mode for some seconds, then disable it and see if that trick helps.

  TRICK #8:
Download and use a VPN app, then connect through it and after that launch the game.

I hope these tricks and methods were helpful for fixing network and Internet connection issues on Fortnite Mobile and PUBG mobile under iOS and Android. 



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